What is CMMS software - work order

Preventive Maintenance Work Order

Preventive Maintenance Work Order or Preventive Maintenance Task List? MaintSmart CMMS software has two ways to create a preventive maintenance work order. The work order screen is the default way that all work is issued and managed for all CMMS software systems. This CMMS can work this same way. For the purposes of this discussion, we will consider preventive maintenance (PMs) to be repetitive work performed during specific intervals or…

Free CMMS Software Training Web Site

Free CMMS Software Training Videos

Free CMMS Software Training We have opened a new web site that provides free CMMS software training videos to all users. These videos are for use with MaintSmart and cover many topics. More videos are being added weekly. For now this is free to all, however we plan to initiate a premium content section on this CMMS software training site in the next few months. The site is CMMS University.