CMMS Software Training

cmms software training

Self-Study Training

There are several free CMMS software training offerings through this web site and through CMMS University. The recommended sequence for self-training is as follows:

Awareness Level CMMS Software Training

  1. Watch a few of the software training videos to get a feel for the program.
  2. Read the equipment set-up guide .
  3. Install the CMMS program using Admin permissions.
  4. Start up MaintSmart and choose one of the DEMO databases.
  5. Use the Password: 'admin' password: '1234'.
  6. Use the Quick Start Guide to learn basics.
  7. Contact us any time for a personal training session.

Operational Level CMMS Software Training

  1. Download the main user guide.
  2. Revisit the equipment set-up guide .
  3. Schedule a training session with MaintSmart if needed.
  4. Link to empty database.
  5. Enter 'seed data'.
  6. Configure equipment hierarchy and equipment items.
  7. Configure personnel.
  8. Configure tasks.
  9. Create preventative maintenance tasks list(s).

Technical Level Training

  1. Download the print/email scheduler manual.
  2. Attempt the first example in the manual.
  3. Schedule a personal CMMS software training session.
Professional CMMS Software Training

Professional, Personalized Training

Our professional CMMS software training is conducted by trainers with both software engineering and equipment maintenance experience. We have a canned course or the training can the training can be specific to your company need. Our chief trainer has more than 20 years experience in maintenance management. We speak your language! We offer several flavors of training as follows:

  1. Online training.
  2. Offsite training.
  3. Onsite training.

Online CMMS Software Training

This is our default training method. It is definitely the least costly and the most efficient. Additionally scheduled classes may be cancelled with little notice with no penalty of loss. Classes may usually be scheduled 1 day or less in advance. Up to 25 students may attend a single training session from up to 25 different locations. We can view your screen and you can view our screen with the program running. In many cases we'll obtain a copy of the database your company is using and train with it.

This training method is equal to onsite or offsite because it is just like having a trainer in the room with you. It is superior to onsite or offsite because it is drastically less expensive (no travel costs), faster to schedule, easy to cancel and more flexible.


Offsite Training

With this training method your personnel come to our training facility in North Bend, Oregon. We can accommodate up to 16 students at a time. The North Bend Airport (OTH) is across the street from our office. Alternatively you fly into Eugene, Oregon (EUG) and drive two hours to North Bend.  This area is a very popular vacation spot on the Southern Oregon Coast. If you come, pad your trip with a day or two.


Onsite Training

We come to you. This is quite a bit more expensive than online training due to travel expenses, travel day, expense, lodging, etc. Generally we need at least 30 days notice to schedule onsite training. In the past we have had more than one instance where we arrived to train to find several of the paid for students absent for one reason or another. This is unfortunate but not refundable. This used to be our default training method but due to the flexibility and low cost of online training it no longer is.

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