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Inventory Management Software

Inventory management software included within a CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) is especially useful when all components of the CMMS software need to work together seamlessly. In most organizations inventory management is usually a major cost center. In many cases the maintenance department spares and inventory management have a large impact on this cost center. For these reasons the CMMS system focuses heavily on inventory management as contains the following capabilities:

  1. Complete inventory database.
  2. Eight (8) open user-defined fields.
  3. Unlimited file attachments (any file type).
  4. Bar code labels for check out and audit.
  5. Inventory audit capability.
  6. Cycle counting and ABC analysis (MaintSmart 5.0)
  7. Extensive reporting (see partial report list below).
  8. Direct export to Excel.
  9. Extensive purchasing system linked into inventory if needed (not required).
  10. Direct parts list linking to equipment (if needed).
  11. Built-in inventory transfer request and approval for inter-plant transfers.
  12. Multiple ways to quickly search the parts database on any field.

Partial listing of available reports in the inventory module:

  1. Seven different types of reorder reports.
  2. Several audit reports.
  3. Complete spare parts listing.
  4. Report by item type (inventory, non-inventory, etc.).
  5. Over/Under stock reports.
  6. Spare parts by user-defined Part Group.
  7. Complete parts list by equipment.
  8. Direct Excel and direct HTML (web page) export.

MaintSmart's inventory system makes it simple to locate needed parts, perform audits, generate stock reports and manage your spare parts use. Unlike our competitors we offer the complete inventory software component as part of the basic CMMS software package.


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Inventory (Spares) Usage Management

Inventory management software is used for equipment spare parts usage. MaintSmart makes it simple to use parts either manually or automatically. Log parts used into the CMMS software database by:

  • What equipment the part(s) is used on.
  • Why the part(s) was used (work order, PM, down time, other)
  • Who used the part(s).
  • Which account and cost center gets charged.

Using a spare part automatically decrements the inventory stock level by the proper quantity. In the event that a part is returned to inventory stock the inventory database automatically manages this too by incrementing the inventory quantity. Delete a spare part usage record to return these spares to inventory stock without any other user action required.


Several analysis reports are available to see where, when, why and who used the spares. The OLAP query-builder is available to generate any data view needed by the maintenance manager. This data view is then available to import to Excel immediately from MaintSmart for further analysis if needed.


Link spares to work orders or preventative maintenance tasks. View linked spares on the preventive maintenance task assignment or automatically use the spare when the PM task is closed.

Inventory Management Software Spares Usage
Inventory Management Software Spares Usage
Inventory Management Software
Inventory Management Software

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