Asset Maintenance Software

Asset Maintenance Software (CMMS)

Eleven good reasons to use asset maintenance software.

1. Asset maintenance software (CAFM) for management for any equipment maintenance operation.

2. Our asset maintenance software guides your preventative maintenance operation with reliability analysis. No other CMMS does this.

3. This CMMS solution uses OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) to guide your maintenance operation. No other CMMS does this.

4. This asset maintenance software offers automatic work orders, preventive maintenance and reporting based upon schedules or equipment demand. No other CMMS does this.

5. All data in MaintSmart exports directly to Excel or a web page with two button-clicks. No other CMMS does this.

6. MaintSmart software is translatable into any language. No other CMMS does this.

7. MaintSmart may contain up to 900 separate plants in the same database. Each containing their own specific data with the ability for managers to looks at all plants and compare them to one another. No other CMMS does this.

8. Over 120 permissions (many preset so software can be used immediately) provide a way to let all company personnel access to the CMMS at some level. These permission may be adjusted and unlimited user groups may be created to meet your specific company need.

9. Powerful and reliable SQL Server back-end database. Works perfectly with free SQL Server Express too.

10. Complete inventory and purchasing system. Includes RFQ, purchase requisitions, purchase item approval, purchase orders, receiving, parts usage tracking and invoice matching.

11. OLAP (online analytical processing) data cube query-builder offers the user the ability to create any data view needed using simple drag and drop. What could be easier?

MaintSmart CMMS software is serving users in nearly 40 countries for over 19 years. Used in manufacturing, power generation, hospitality, colleges and universities, food-processing, bakery maintenance, facility maintenance, hospitals, military and more.

Asset Maintenance Software

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