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Web-Based CMMS Software - Service Request
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Web-Based CMMS Software - Work Orders
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Web-Based CMMS Software - Equipment Failure

The MaintSmart web-based CMMS software module provides a web portal so users across your organization can access MaintSmart without needing a full MaintSmart license. This is a very economical way to use the program especially in a maintenance management operation where there is the potential for many users submitting work requests.  The flexible user permissions settings provides a way for all users within your organization to have some level of access to the program regardless of their experience level.

The web work request module provides a web link to the MaintSmart Enterprise database. The following capabilities are included in this web module:

  • Web-based work requests
  • Web-based work orders
  • Web-based equipment failure data
  • Web-based inventory search

All data entered into the web work request module is immediately displayed in the MaintSmart Enterprise system.

 Work Requests (Repair Ticket)

When a MaintSmart user (with Web CMMS request-only access permissions) logs into the web-enabled work request screen they will only need to select from two (2) fields. How much simpler could this possibly be? The web CMMS requestor can optionally enter comments too.

To make this even simpler you could even create a task: "See Comments". When the requestor logs in all they have to do is identify the equipment then choose the "See Comments" task and enter the desired information that they want to convey to the maintenance department without even knowing what task to select. Users with access permissions above "requestor only" see the Add or Edit Work Orders screen instead of the screen depicted below. You can even set-up defaults so the task and/or the equipment auto-populate based upon user login. Once the request has been created it appears in the main MaintSmart program and can be sent automatically to one or more email recipients

Notice in the picture below that not only does this CMMS provide three (3) different filters for the equipment drop-down but also displays the active filter above the equipment drop-down in the label text (colors blue when in filter mode). The is also a task filter to make it really easy for the user to find what they are looking for.

 Work Orders

Add, edit or delete web based work orders all from the web or your corporate intranet. Basic web-based work orders or web work requests may be created from this module. CMMS software displays either the work request screen or the internet work order screen depending on the logged in user's access permissions. The picture below show the work order screen. Notice the equipment drop-down may be filtered by the available equipment hierarchy description ( in this example these have been labeled "Room" and "Cost Code") and the containing equipment group. This makes it really easy to find the needed equipment.

We can provide a Go-To-Meeting demonstration or a trial version of the Web-Based Work Request module.

 Inventory Search

The web-based CMMS software system provides access to the complete inventory listing. This data may be quickly searched to identify stock levels and locations of needed parts.

Equipment Failure Logging

Equipment failure data may be entered through this web-based CMMS software module making it simple to log down time form any device linked to the intranet or internet. This critically important data is essential for reliability analysis reporting and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)

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