Preventive Maintenance Software

CMMS preventive maintenance software is an essential component of any equipment maintenance operation. Preventive maintenance affects all aspects of the maintenance program. For example downtime is inversely proportional to preventive maintenance efforts. Inventory use is effected by preventive maintenance in that spares must be available to properly complete PMs. Work orders are often generated after noticing defects in equipment during preventive maintenance. As such, PMs should be very high on the priority list for the maintenance manager.

With this in mind, this CMMS was designed to make the issuance and the tracking of preventive maintenance as simple and effective as possible. This simplicity, as well as automated issuance of tasks lists, translates into increased use of the CMMS. The more the preventive maintenance software module is used generally the more reliable you equipment.

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Preventive Maintenance Task List (Detailed Format)
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Preventive Maintenance Software

PM Software for Equipment Maintenance

Preventive maintenance (PM) is important to avoid costly equipment breakdowns. Our competitors manage all work in the work order module. MaintSmart has two different ways to manage preventive maintenance. Manage preventive maintenance in the work order module, the special calendar-based preventive maintenance module or use both. Most companies actually do use both.

The dedicated preventative maintenance software module lists each PM task as a separate record. The purpose of this design is so that the reliability analysis module can suggest preventative maintenance task intervals based upon MTBF (mean time between failure). This is a powerful feature only found in this CMMS.

Closing PMs in the PM module is simple because the user multi-selects many PMs to closed simultaneously. Additionally the CMMS software learns over time as PMs are closed how long it should take to complete each task. This information may be used to automatically submit labor hours for many PMs at once. This provide accuracy and save a great amount of time.

For the user that prefers to keep all work, including PM work in the work order module the system offers work order templates.

Work order templates provide a boiler-plate copy of an existing work order. This can include countless details, file attachments and more. The work order template is then linked to a trigger. The trigger could be a schedule or a meter. A schedule could be any of the following (for example):

  1. Every Monday at 10:00 AM clean filters.
  2. Every 7 days replace belt.
  3. On the second Friday of each month check refrigerant.
  4. On the 10th of every month blow out boiler tubes.

Meter-linked work orders may be manually updated or if an OPC compliant data network is in place these meters may be updated automatically by the equipment. Imagine that having your equipment notify the CMMS when it needs service and the CMMS automatically printing or emailing the correct preventive maintenance work order to the correct mechanic. A meter could be any of the following (for example):

  1. Every 100 cycles replace blades.
  2. Every 6 months or 6000 miles change oil.
  3. Lube rollers every 250 hours per OEM specification.

Both of the above scenarios only need to be set-up once. This takes about 1 minute. From then on this action is completely automatic. Imagine the amount of time this saves the maintenance manager!

Clearly this CMMS software system stands out from the 100's of other less sophisticated systems available today.

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