What is CMMS Software?

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Work Orders

What is CMMS software? For many users CMMS software is work orders only. Work management with a work order system is usually the first module put to use in a new CMMS software implementation.

So what are work orders? Work orders represent a unit of work.Some of the basic types of work orders are:

  • Repair work order.
  • Preventative maintenance.
  • Project work order.
  • Safety work order.

At a bare minimum a work order would have an equipment, task and a assigned technician. A more advanced CMMS would include more fields such as status, type, priority. Additionally since the sork order is a scheduled unit of work one or more date fields would be included.

Most of the CMMS software programs available today include the capability to include a picture. More advanced systems provide any type of file attachment, including videos to be displayed with the work order.


What is CMMS software - work order
Work Order Report


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Preventive Maintenance

Continuing with the answer to "What is CMMS software?" another key component of the CMMS is preventative maintenance management. Preventative maintenance is maintenance performed to service equipment and ready it for use with the goal of preventing stoppages or slowing of the process that the equipment item is a part of.

Typically equipment has a recommended task list for preventive maintenance to ensure the expected life if reached and down time averted. Many of the less advance CMMS software systems require the user to enter all work in the work order screen (including preventive maintenance type work). Others offer the option to also manage preventative maintenance work external or in combination with the main work order screen. This CMMS system offers the later.


Preventive Maintenance Task List
Preventive Maintenance Task List (Detailed Format)

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Equipment Failure (Down Time) Tracking

Equipment failures (down time) cost companies money due to expensive repairs and lost productivity. Product quality may also suffer due to unexpected breakdowns.

Our CMMS software is the only CMMS that has a dedicated equipment failure-tracking module. Many other CMMS systems do not address down time at all. The few that do address it throw it in as a work order type. This makes no sense because down time is an instance of equipment failure not work. A repair work order is used to correct the failure; but these two important CMMS components should be separated so that each can be managed separately.

Managing down time apart from work orders offers the following benefits in MaintSmart:

1. Extensive down time analysis

2. Reliability analysis (military standard) on each equipment

3. Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) reporting

4. Down time query-builder for charting and reporting

5. MTBF (mean time between failure) used to guide preventive maintenance.


Equipment failure (down time) tracking in this CMMS software is used for the purpose of guiding the maintenance manager toward more efficient preventive maintenance especially for the purpose of avoiding break downs. Unexpected down time is going to occur, but repeated instances of the same breakdowns should be avoidable once recognized and addressed with appropriate maintenance interventions.


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Inventory Management

What is CMMS software with regards to inventory management? It may seem that a CMMS would not need to have an inventory management module. This CMMS software system provides all of the components that may be needed in any maintenance operation. The maintenance manager is not required to use these components together though because each component provides full functionality by itself.

Typically if the inventory management module is used the purchasing module is also used. Again, this is not required but may offer some convenience to the user. The inventory management module provides the following:

  1. Complete listing of all spares
  2. Export all spares data to Excel (two button-clicks)
  3. Many reports for reordering, over/under stock, audits and more
  4. Inter-plant inventory transfers
  5. Equipment spares lists
  6. Several fast part search methods
  7. Barcode labels
  8. Eight (8) used-defined fields
  9. Dynamic edits to inventory upon receipt of use of spares

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Purchasing Management

Purchasing management with RFQ, requisition, purchase order and invoice-matching capabilities consolidates all maintenance spares acquisition into one program. This CMMS has a comprehensive and flexible role-based purchasing system. All purchasing roles may be given to separate users or grouped roles given to the same user.


What is cmms software - purchase orders
Purchase Order Analysis

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Analysis and Reporting

CMMS software should provide reporting on the data entered into the database. This system provides the following reporting:

  • Crystal Reports
  • Excel export of any data set
  • Web page conversion on all data
  • OLAP query-builder of any data set
  • Excel OLE automation of all analysis data
  • Exports to: Adobe Acrobat, MS Word, flat text, XML

Reporting offers a return on investment (ROI) to users of the CMMS by providing answers.

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