CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) Benefits

What are the benefits of using a CMMS?

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CMMS - Why use it?

CMMS, if properly configured and managed, provides the following benefits.

  • Equipment Life Extended: Equipment managed under a CMMS receives timely and appropriate preventive maintenance. This ensure that the equipment reaches its expected life. This is one of the primary goals of CMMS.
  • Increased Reliability: Equipment reliability is increased due to regular preventive maintenance. Additionally if the down time (equipment failure) tracking module is implemented KPIs such as Failure Rate, Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF), Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and others are used to determine failure cause. MaintSmart actually integrates reliability analysis into the preventative maintenance component to guide the maintenance manager to optimized PM task lists. This is also a primary goal of CMMS.
  • Better Management of Workflow: Service requests are logged into the CMMS creating a virtual paper trail for these requests. Requests are organized and prioritized creating much better work flow efficiency too.
  • Automated Work Orders: With MaintSmart work orders may be created by equipment demand. This is the ultimate system where equipment is telling you when it actually need maintenance.
  • Automated Scheduled Work: Work may be entered to the scheduler for issuance at specified intervals. This only needs to be set-up once.
  • Manage and Address Equipment Performance Issues: Using OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and the Reliability Analysis components provides a way for the maintenance manager to identify and quickly address equipment performance problems.
  • Manage Spares, Requisitions and RFQs: MaintSmart has a powerful purchasing component. Manage purchasing permissions, RFQ, requisitions, approval, purchase orders, inventory receipts and invoice matching all from one software program.
  • Maximize Inventory Usage Efficiency: Inventory usage may be managed by barcode scanner check out. Spares may be linked to common work order tasks and preventive maintenance list items for automatic usage.
  • Automated and Manual Reporting: All data enetered into MaintSmart may be immediately reported on by one or more for the following methods: direct Excel export, direct web page export, Crystal Reports, OLAP (query-builder), raw data print and exports to many popular formats such as Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Word.
  • Automated or Manual Charting of All Data: All data in the program may be charted by our powerful drag and drop query-builder. What good is all that data if you cannot access it and report on it? Without a CMMS like MaintSmart most of the aforementioned item are either difficult and time-consuming or not possible.
  • Increased Consistency in Equipment Task Assignment(s): MaintSmart's ability to create work order templates, task packages, recycled preventative maintenance task lists and the ability to duplicate PM lists and work orders leads to consistent task lists. In many cases corporate dictates of how maintenance is performed is easily complied with because of these functions.
  • Compliance Reporting: It is becoming increasingly important to have the ability to accurately provide compliance reports to various governing agencies. MaintSmart's print scheduler enables the maintenance manager to automatically generate the reports with filtered data. These reports may even be automatically emails or faxed to the governing agency.

Keeping your equipment running smoothly increases the company income through other means too. Consider a manufacturing company where and equipment failure in many cases causes product loss. Other non-maintenance costs to the company could result from overtime of production employees due to remaking a lost product. With maintenance management software these costs are also accounted for and reported. This gives the company a true picture of how their equipment maintenance affect the company as a whole. CMMS benefits are best realized when adequate software support is provided during the configuration and implementation stages.


CMMS permissions provide a way for all users to access the system.
CMMS Equipment Tree
OLAP Query-Builder
CMMS Purchase Order

With MaintSmart all personnel in your organization have access to the system at some level because of the role-based user permission capability. Repair tickets are recorded and managed so that all involved parties may see the progress if the maintenance administrator elects to let them do so. With a CMMS in place your maintenance department will become more organized and efficient with fewer and fewer emergencies to deal with. Your company will save money through fewer repairs, less unexpected down time and better product quality. Contact us for a free personalized demonstration for proof that CMMS can provide all these benefits.