CMMS Software for Work Orders

What is CMMS Software?

What is CMMS Software?

CMMS stands for Computerized Maintenance Management System. CMMS software is generally used to track work orders and preventive maintenance tasks and scheduling. More advanced CMMS systems include other aspects of the equipment maintenance operation such as equipment failure tracking, inventory usage, purchasing, analysis and reporting of these CMMS components.

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This CMMS Software system is completely designed, developed, supported and packaged in the USA. The software is translated into any language. The trial program is the full system with 10 CMMS language translations. All text may be edited for translation accuracy by you the end-user. Our Egypt agent has provided an Arabic explanation of the CMMS software capabilities in this document.

We are very grateful to all of our users in the USA and in forty (40) other countries worldwide for their continued dedication and commitment to using MaintSmart over the past 20 years. See what others are saying about our software (software testimonials).

Made & Supported in the USA
Made and Supported in the USA.

Try our CMMS Software for free for 30 days. This is the FULL CMMS System. During this trial period you have full access to technical support, all video and other tutorials and best of all unlimited free consulting and personalized online training customized to your maintenance operation. We'll even help you set-up the software with your own equipment and build a working preventive maintenance system for you that you may immediately begin using.

CMMS Software - MaintSmart

CMMS Software Feature List:

  • Work order management
  • Preventive maintenance management
  • Equipment downtime tracking and analysis
  • Purchase order management
  • Inventory management
Complete software system with all modules: $995.00

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Windows 10 Enterprise, Cloud, Web.

Translations for any language provided at no charge. Video: How to translate the CMMS program into any language.

CMMS software report builder.
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Work Orders

Work order management is much more than simply issuing and closing work orders. This CMMS software provides automatic work order creation based upon schedule or event. Additionally repair tickets are converted to work orders with two button-clicks. This capability also provides the original requester of the repair ticket a way to track it's progression through the work process. Work order reporting and analysis offer an objective way to evaluate work order completion ratios, late work orders and all associated costs. Submit work orders through the desktop application, the web-based application or the smartphone interface. There are 8 different ways to create work orders .

Work order software details...

Preventative Maintenance

Perform preventative maintenance work as a work order or use the exclusive preventive maintenance component to manage calendar-based preventive maintenance. Task lists are automatically recreated after closing the PM. This makes it really fast and simple to close many PM tasks at once while maintaining accurate historical maintenance data. As PMs are closed the date, technician, hours, spares used and any notes are archived into the preventive maintenance history database. Later, this database provides valuable reporting and analysis such as completion rates, late completions, overall cost of preventive maintenance by equipment, area, technician and much more .

Preventive maintenance software details...

Inventory and Purchasing

By integrating inventory and purchasing into this software system the maintenance manager can manage the entire maintenance department from one place. The inventory component is a complete inventory management system. Multiple user defined fields, file attachments and extensive reporting and alerts make this a valuable part of the CMMS. Additionally physical inventory audits and cycle count auditing is built into the base inventory software module. Parts usage with links to equipment, work orders, preventive maintenance and more enable reports that capture all equipment expenses.

The purchasing module is a complete purchasing system. Purchase requisitions, purchase orders and invoice matching track the purchasing process from start to finish. In addition, role based permission enable all users some level of access to the system Six levels of purchase approval completely secure the process as well.

Inventory management software details...

Equipment Failure Tracking

Tracking downtime as a separate component makes a lot of sense. Most CMMS systems inorporate the downtime software module with work orders. Downtime is an instance of equipment failure, not work. Therefore downtime should be tracked by itself. As such extensive analysis is available for identifying the root cause of equipment failures. This component also provides several of the important KPIs .

  • Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)
  • Reliability analysis
  • Average downtime by equipment
  • Count of downtime by shift
  • Worst 5 downtime instances during time period

Best of all, drag and drop downtime reporting and charting provides any downtime analysis scenario you could possibly think of.


Equipment failure tracking software details...

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Enterprise Version

MaintSmart Enterprise is the full CMMS software system. This is all that is needed to manage any size maintenance operation. Can manage up to 900 separate plants from one database.

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Cloud Version

The cloud version of the full CMMS program. No need for IT management, server infrstucture, servers or database back-ups. All of these functions are handled by our expert application hosting associates.

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Web Version

The web work request module is a useful addition to the full enterprise system and provide web access to work requests, work orders, preventive maintenance inventory and downtime.

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