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Equipment Failure Analysis Software

Equipment Reliability Analysis
Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
Equipment Failure Analysis OLAP
Expected Failure Rate - Equipment Failure Analysis Software

Surprisingly no other CMMS software system includes a module dedicated to equipment failure analysis.

Down Time Equipment Failure Analysis
Big Repairs May be Avoided in the Future with Proper Equipment Failure Analysis

Equipment Downtime Tracking Solution

Equipment failure analysis or down time analysis is critically important in determining the root cause of expensive breakdowns. To determine the root cause of an equipment failure requires powerful analysis tools.

This CMMS software system provides several powerful yet simple to use and benefit from tools as part of the standard CMMS software package.

  1. Equipment failure analysis module.
  2. Overall equipment effectiveness module (OEE).
  3. Reliability analysis module.
  4. Drag and drop OLAP (online analytical processing) equipment failure analysis.
  5. Extensive charting.
  6. Equipment failure alerts (MaintSmart 5.0 coming 2016)
  7. Failure cause to task-mapping module generates a repair work order automatically based upon failure.
  8. Link work orders to downtime records.

Equipment Failure Analysis Module

This module provides flexible point and click screens for various query-building scenarios.

An example might be: Report all Time Down for the Bread Production Line #1 between 1/1/2015-3/31/2015 group by equipment item compare to day of the week and exclude Operator Shift #2. Only collect Time Down where the to Count of Time Down instances > 1 for each equipment item contained within Bread Line #1.

Although he above query may seem quite sophisticated it can actually be created by an intuitive point and click screen within less that 30 seconds. Additionally this data may then be exported directly to Excel. MaintSmart even causes Excel to create a chart with the imported data automatically.

Equipment Down Time (Failure Analysis) Import to Excel

Equipment Down Time (Failure Analysis) Import to Excel

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

OEE is another powerful analysis tool included in this CMMS. OEE measures the Availability (uptime), Performance (actual speed of production as opposed to designed speed of production) and Quality (percentage of good product to all product). The overall equipment effectiveness is the product of all three of these KPIs.

OEE = Performance * Availability * Quality

Overall equipment effectiveness is obtained from the equipment failure (down time) data tables. MaintSmart is the only CMMS software that captures down time separately. All other CMMS' throw everything into the work order data tables. This make no sense because equipment is an unexpected event - not an instance of work.

Reliability Analysis

Reliability analysis is yet another powerful tool used by MaintSmart to guide the maintenance manager towards optimized maintenance, especially preventive maintenance. This CMMS software system includes reliability analysis as a standard module in the program. Reliability analysis captures Mean Time between failures (MTBF) and Failure Rate.

  1. MTBF is the average time between failures for a peticular equipment item.
  2. Failure rate is the likelihood of an equipment item failing during a specified time period. Usually this is expressed as a percentage (1.2% chance of failure during the next 40 hours). More importantly failure rate captures whether the equipment has an increasing chance or a decreasing chance of failure. This tell the maintenance manager if the PM program is working.

Drag and Drop OLAP (Online Analytical Processing)

Equipment Failure Analysis OLAP

Equipment Failure Analysis OLAP

OLAP is available on every screen in the program. It is especially useful for equipment failure analysis though. This analysis component is a complete drag and drop query-builder with filtering, charting and reporting capability. Additionally all data set may be exported to Excel with two button-clicks.

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