Work Order Software for Equipment Failure Tracking

Work Order Software

work order software equipment failure tracking
work order software equipment failure tracking

In almost every case CMMS software packages consider everything a work order. Down time work orders usually refer to work orders performed in response to an unexpected equipment failure. Equipment failure tracking isn’t really possible with this type of data collection structure. What is needed with work order software is a separate equipment failure tracking module that collects the instance of failure and its characteristics and a work order module to assign and log the corresponding repair work. MaintSmart does this but also provides a way to automatically create a repair work order from the down time record. This avoid double work entering this equipment failure but also provides this valuable down time data for separate analysis and most importantly reliability analysis and OEE.

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  1. Hi,

    If i have more equipment which is not expected to fail in 100 hours. Do i need to create new tab or can create at the existing tab?

    1. Create on the same tab but use this different criteria as a different analysis scenario. The reliability algorithm determines the failure rate, MTBF based upon downtime, runtime and estimated runtime

  2. The instantaneous estimate is a calculated value that uses a complex internal calculation derived from CMMS downtime data and estimated run time data. What is needed by you the CMMS user is to enter downtime data and then also enter estimated run time data for the same period as when the downtime occurred. This is fast and easy to do because of multiple shortcuts and default data settings that automatically populate some of this data. I hope this makes sense. We can elaborate with a free web demonstration if needed.

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