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Video: Report All CMMS Labor on One Report
Report All CMMS Labor

Report on All Equipment Maintenance Labor Hours on One Report

Learn how to create a report that contains all maintenance labor summarized by job type, technician, equipment and more. Report all CMMS labor hours and generate a chart automatically. This is all accomplished with simple drag and drop.

This useful tool enables you to summarize and report on the following information:

  1. All maintenance labor by technician during a specific date period.
  2. Equipment maintenance labor by type of work during a specific date period.
  3. Labor hours for maintenance performed on equipment.
  4. Time spent working on equipment by the specific task or tasks, who did the work and why (type).

Imagine how this flexible tool focuses your efforts exactly where they need to be with accurate data represented in a way that you define for your specific application.

Watch the video to learn how fast and simple it is to create this useful report.

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