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Technical Support

Email Support: Free unlimited for the first 60 days. Up to 10 instances per month after the first 60 days. Typical response time is 30 minutes or less. Additional support is available by annual contract as described below. We're here if you need us!

Toll-free phone support: is free for the first 60 days and may be continued beyond that time as follows: By annual contract (Extended Support) Call toll-free 1-888-398-0450 or +1-541-751-0450. Hours 9:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M PST.

Of course, there is never any charge for problems related to software issues. If its a MaintSmart problem we'll correct it usually within 1 day or less and provide an update through the secure MaintSmart User Zone.

For Technical Assistance Email: MaintSmart Software, Inc. - Technical Support

For General Comments Email: MaintSmart Software, Inc. - Comments

Please provide your registration number with all technical support requests. Remember most questions can be resolved by using the extensive help system that is installed on your computer with the program software. Select the 'Help' menu item or press F1 on the item/screen in question while running MaintSmart©.

More Help for MaintSmart Users and Demo Users

Web Help: web help is available for various MaintSmart topics. From the MaintSmart Help menu select the menu item Web Help.

MaintSmart User Manual: Available for download. Powerpoint 97+ format. Don't have Powerpoint? Get the free Powerpoint Viewer !