preventive maintenance task


CMMS software with PM task list

Preventative Maintenance Software

This preventive maintenance software uses task headers that are basic task descriptions. In many cases this is enough information to fully describe the needed task for the PM or work order. If not unlimited text details may be added to each preventative maintenance task. These details often take the form of an SOP or other detailed information. Creating details is as simple as drag and drop or copy/paste. TIP: Drag and drop maintenance specifications from the OEM user manual for the equipment item. Tasks are shared between work orders and preventive maintenance. The benefit of this is that fewer task description are needed and there is consistency between the task descriptions. This is important for saving time in configuration but also critically important when analyzing data. For example how much labor and parts are being used for the task: Check and Replace Bad Bearings. With MaintSmart you can query from the task description, equipment item, technician, and other data fields.

MaintSmart preventative maintenance software contains a print scheduler that issues preventive maintenance task lists automatically based upon calendar date/time, weekday/time, day count/time and more. Once the PM software has been set up for automatic issuance it continues to issue PMs using a floating date range. Preventative maintenance tasks may also be triggered by metered work orders if needed. Meters can be a unit of anything the maintenance manager needs for the situation.