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Define PM Tasks and Intervals.

Tasks are grouped logically to provide fast access to these tasks when needed. Examples of task groups might be PLC Tasks, Drive Train Tasks, etc. Tasks are created by typing them in directly or by drag and drop. Task Packages may be created to group similar tasks together. Later when creting a PM List the entire task package may be added all at once. Similarly Job List Templates consist of individual tasks and/or task packages that are similar to the same equipment item. Example: Suppose your company has 15 lathes that all need similar maintenance. Create a one Job List Template and apply it to all 15 lathes with one mouse-click each!   Now you can be certain that each machine  has the proper task list and you can always add or remove tasks as needed if you want to.

How much easier could it possibly be?

MaintSmart makes creating PM task lists a breeze (some even consider it fun).

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