food-processing plant equipment maintenance software

CMMS Software with Equipment Hierarchy

MaintSmart provides a flexible equipment hierarchy (asset hierarchy) for separating and grouping your equipment. This hierarchy is configurable by the user to fit the specific equipment maintenance software requirements needed.

Furthermore child groups for your equipment could include Work Area/Location, Process, Line (default text settings) or create your own equipment hierarchy definitions. What makes this CMMS equipment hierarchy so powerful is the fact that Work Area/Location and Process do not have to be related other than deriving from the same parent. The result is two completely unrelated ways to group the same equipment. This may sound abstract however it is very simple to set up. We are happy to provide a free, no obligation online demonstration of how this will work. Just contact us at Another option is to download this document on equipment configuration. Below are some examples of equipment hierarchy definitions:

Configure your plant maintenance software to match your actual existing equipment hierarchy. This equipment hierarchy works well with building maintenance as well. If fact MaintSmart CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) is successfully used in countless different equipment management software application in 40 countries around the world. This CMMS software is also translatable into any language. Modifying the equipment hierarchy takes seconds and cascades to all parts of the cmms including all reports, messages and screen text.