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manufacturing Equipment maintenance Configuration

Equipment configuration using the CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) is adaptable for any equipment maintenance operation (not just manufacturing equipment). The reason for this is the flexible equipment hierarchy used by MaintSmart. Create an equipment database with complete preventive maintenance task lists for 200 equipment item facility in less than 20 hours. All data in the CMMS points back to the equipment item. Reporting on equipment provides all costs associated with the equipment including preventive maintenance labor, preventive maintenance parts, work order labor, work order parts, down time labor, down time parts, down time opportunity cost, miscellaneous costs against equipment.

Equipment is further classified by the Equipment Group. Equipment groups define the type or class of equipment and are used for filtering and reporting. Examples of equipment groups might be: Conveyors, Chains, Forklifts or HVAC. Actual equipment items contained by the HVAC equipment group might be: Exhaust Fans, Condensers or Refrigeration Compressor for example. As with all data in MaintSmart nothing is ever carved in stone and may always be changes or, as in this case, moved to a different equipment group with almost no effort and no loss of valuable data. CMMS equipment configuration is straightforward and provides a meaningful hierarchy that helps with reporting and analysis.