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CMMS - Preventive Maintenance - Work Order - Asset Management

The Basic MaintSmart CMMS Software Program Features Listed Below:maintenance cmms software for equipment management and preventive tasks

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Companies and organizations worldwide are realizing that a good computerized  preventive maintenance (cmms pm software) management system pays for itself very quickly. A complete PM, work order and maintenance system. Used worldwide by manufacturing, major universities, military, government, public utilities, hotels, restaurants, vehicle fleets and more.

MaintSmart maintenance management system may be used for facility maintenance management, building maintenance software, general maintenance management, preventive maintenance, comprehensive asset management, equipment maintenance, industrial maintenance software and more.

MaintSmart maintenance cmms software provides 100's of reports, automatic work order creation and print job scheduling. Additionally MaintSmart provides a way to export any data set in the entire program directly to Excel or to an HTML web page.

MaintSmart 4.0 Enterprise is now translatable into nearly any language and even support multiple foreign language translations.

MaintSmart’s cmms (maintenance management software) design focuses on ease of use, speed of data entry, data analysis and reporting. User-friendly text is used instead of cryptic codes. MaintSmart cmms has been in business since 1997 and is active in 35 countries worldwide with distributors in numerous major international metropolitan areas. MaintSmart is here to stay; a claim many other preventative maintenance programs cannot make. Call (1-888-398-0450 toll-free in USA or Canada) or email ( for pricing.

This CMMS separates itself from others in several important ways:

This cmms is fully self-contained, NO modules, programs, databases or yearly fees are needed. Provides a simple interface to work orders, PMs, equipment failure, purchasing/inventory and general maintenance. MaintSmart is priced as if you only intend to use one of these sections. This software that integrates reliability analysis behind the scenes to guide you toward optimized PM task lists and work orders. Evaluates each equipment item 'cost to own' including labor hours, inventory and lost opportunity cost. Suggests personnel for jobs based upon skills. Determines if equipment is getting more or less reliable guiding you to the proper action. MaintSmart maximizes the efficiency of your resources. The tree view displays equipment and inventory. Create a work order or PM from the equipment tree. Reports in countless ways Crystal Reports, Excel, or save any data grid as web page, .pdf, text, Excel, etc. Many shortcuts including optional fields work station defaults for most common fields. This CMMS automatically creates work orders from a work order template based upon OPC or DDE meter values. Drag and drop data selections from any analysis grid straight into Excel, Word or other programs.

How is MaintSmart Maintenance Software Different?


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