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Phone: Toll-Free in the U.S. 1-888-398-0450, Outside the U.S./Canada +1-541-751-0450 skype ID: 'maintsmart'
Address: 66164 Homestead Rd., North Bend, OR 97459
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Purpose of MaintSmart CMMS: Manage and maximize the efficiency of any maintenance operation in any plant (or other entity) or multiple plants (or entities) and prolong equipment life and provide consistant machine reliability. MaintSmart was developed by a maintenance manager with over 25 years combined experience in equipment maintenance and software engineering.

Competitionís Product Comparison :MaintSmart CMMS is fully self-contained. NO extra modules or applications to purchase! MaintSmart is simple to use and benefit from. Maintsmart archives, analyzes and reports on: work orders, down time (equipment failure), reliability analysis, preventive maintenance (PMs), inventory acquisition and usage, purchasing and receiving, equipment and personnel skills. You get all of these features with MaintSmart! MaintSmart is priced far below the nearest competitor .

computerized maintenance management softwareToll-Free Phone and Email Support: MaintSmart comes with toll-free phone and email support for the first 60 days.

Basic Features: This CMMS uses reliability analysis to suggest PM tasks and intervals. Tracks, analyzes and reports on: break downs, preventive maintenance (PMs), work orders, inventory, purchasing, equipment, production schedules and production wages (very quick entry, used by reliability analysis). This data provides the real cost of owning any given piece of equipment. By knowing what equipment costs to own during any given time period the user is able to determine appropriate steps to take to reduce this cost and increase efficiencies. Changes can then be tracked to determine if further changes are needed.

Flexible: Can be configured by the user to work in any manufacturing or equipment maintenance environment. Allows for up to 999 separate plants (or other entities) with up to one million separate pieces of equipment in each plant. Up to 10,000,000 employees may be linked to as many as 18 skills each. Skills are user defined as are tasks, machines, departments, inventory, break down causes and fiscal periods.

Fast: Data entry is simple and fast. Shortcuts for repetitive tasks. Drag and drop task and equipment lists . Logical grouping of some data items allows groups of data to be applied with one action. Drop down boxes offer available possibilities only and provide record validation. Simple to use wizard speeds initial setup of MaintSmart.

Secure: Administrator may create any number of different user groups allowing access to users as needed. Access controls may be applied to viewing, querying, adding records, editing or deleting records, and printing. This allows all employees of the maintenance department some level of access to MaintSmart. Access to program is logged.

Powerful and Flexible Data Analysis: Parameter queries and ad hoc queries are available throughout the program allowing the user to analyze break downs , work orders, PMs, inventory, production schedule history, engineer wage history and more. Reports are available for nearly all queries. Reports include graphs where appropriate. Queried data may also be imported into MS Excel with the click of a mouse. Inventory audits and reordering is simple and accurate.

Reliability Analysis : This feature enables the plant engineer to make job assignments based on proven machine failure data. AMMSA failure analysis methods are used to optimize PM schedules and track progress. This takes to guess work out of PM scheduling and provides for fewer breakdowns and more efficient labor allocation.

System Requirements:
Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2008
RAM Memory: Minimum 1 GB RAM memory.Better with at least 1 GB of RAM memory.
Processor: Minimum 1.5 GHz. Better with at least 2 GHz or equivilent. Single or multiple processors.
Disk Space: Minimum 400-500 MB of free disk space for standalone. Minimum 470 MB of free disk space for client workstation and 10-100MB for server when using on a network. Yes all this capability requires quite a bit of disk space. As data is entered into the database disk space requirements will increase. MaintSmart© has a built in utility that allows you to reduce (compact) the database periodically as a way of reducing needed disk space and to keep the database healthy and optimally fast .
Screen Resolution : Minimum 15 inch monitor using 800X600 resolution. Program windows resize automatically for various resolutions and monitor sizes above the minimums.
Mouse: A minimum two button mouse is required.
CD Drive: A CD drive is needed for installation purposes only.

Technical Description: MaintSmart is a Windows Forms 2.0 front-end to a Microsoft SQL Server 2000-2008 32/64 bit (or Microsoft Access) database containing 200+ tables and over 1000 stored procedures. Crystal Reports 2008 is used for reporting purposes. Over 200 separate reports are available in addition manyof these reports accept user defined data parameters. Executable is approximately 24.5MB. MaintSmart is an automation controller for MS Excel. Though Excel is not required it does enhance MaintSmart©. Data may be automatically loaded into Excel to take advantage of Excelís analysis and charting capabilities.

Guaranteed : We are so confident that MaintSmart CMMS will exceed your expectations that we offer a 15 day 'no questions asked' warranty.