work order olap analysis

Work Orders Analysis

Work orders are any type of work performed. Work orders may be created manually as needed or automatically. Automatic work orders are created from schedules or meters. A meter is a unit of anything such as "cycle", "days", "cuts", "pallets" or anything else. Schedules can be "Every _ Amount of Days", "Every Monday at 8:00 AM", "On the 15th of Every Month" and so on. These meters and schedules reset themselves and continue to create work orders if needed. Work order analysis provides a way to determine the cost of labor and parts for a work order or group of work orders. These analysis scenarios are flexible and result in a report if needed. The report formats could be: Excel, Adobe Acrobat, MS Word, Web Page and other CMMS data export formats.

As with most screen in MaintSmart CMMS software the data may be directly exported to the OLAP component (depicted above). OLAP or Online Analytical Processing offers unlimited options for data analysis and reporting. This work order software offers flexible and powerful work order analysis and work order reporting.