cmms security with passwords and permissions


Passwords and Permissions Allow All maintenance Personnel Access to the CMMS

User IDs and passwords are used by the CMMS system to provide access to various part of the software. In some cases a screen may be accessible however only certain functions may be performed due to permission settings. For example permissions may be set so that a user can only see their PMs or work orders. Other permissions may be set so that if a technician is closing their own preventive maintenance task lists the close date cannot be back-dated. Permissions of purchasing are flexible and range for very secure with various functions assigned to different personnel to one person that does it all. Available purchasing and parts usage permissions are as follows:

  • RFQ (Request for Quote)
  • Submit a Purchase Requisition
  • Approval Line Items on Purchase Requisition (six approval levels may have cost limits and require multiple signatures)
  • Release Purchase Order
  • Receive Orders
  • Use Parts

These permissions may be given in any combination. For example technician level user may receive only Purchase Requisition permission. The purchasing agent may receive Purchase Order and Receive Orders permissions. In many case trusted purchasing agents may be given all of these permissions. One special user group in the CMMS software is Administrator. This is a built-in user group that allows Administrators to go anywhere in the program.