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Preventive Maintenance - PM

Preventive maintenance is key to any successful equipment maintenance system. MaintSmart CMMS offers the comprehensive work order screen for creating PMs and a special preventive maintenance screen for simple calendar based repetitive tasks. The PM screen is simple and requires very little time commitment. Once preventive maintenance task lists are created closing these PMs simply recycles the existing PM with a new start and due date and archives the history. The history contains the technician that did the work, labor hours, parts used and when completed. With this information the CMMS software can report on cost of PMs and determine percent complete and percent late. Preventive maintenance links to the reliability analysis part of the CMMS. Using MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) MaintSmart offers the user to set PM task intervals at a range that circumvents failures though timely preventive maintenance.

Preventive maintenance task lists may be printed or emailed automatically using the print and email scheduler. An example of a scheduled preventive maintenance list could be: Every Monday at 8:00 AM print (to the "Shop Printer") Bob's PMs that are late or are coming due within the next 7 days for Line #1. This scheduled PM task list will print or email automatically based upon a floating date range then reset itself for the next print instance. There is no longer any reason to have to manually filter and print PMs when due; just let MaintSmart CMMS handled this for you.