purchase order

Purchase Orders - Purchasing

Purchasing is a major part of any equipment maintenance system. This CMMS software offers a full featured purchasing system. Purchasing may be configured so that one purchasing agent performs all purchasing tasks. Alternatively permissions may be set so that users can access purchasing at different levels thereby splitting up the purchasing process as follows:

  • RFQ (request for quote)
  • Requisitions
  • Approve Requisitions (six levels of approval)
  • Create Purchase Order
  • Receive Orders
  • Use Spare Parts Stock

In most cases individual CMMS users have more than one of the above permissions. In a typical equipment maintenance operation a user may have Create Purchase Order and Receive Orders permissions. Another user may have Requisitions and Use Spare Parts Stock permissions. The point is: any combination of the above permissions may be given to any group of users so that virtually everyone in your company can use the CMMS software at some level. Purchase orders may be emailed to the vendor directly if needed. Receiving part on a PO is simple and all parts may be received at once or partial receives amy be used. In the case of partial receives the received parts are added to inventory immediately as expected. Part may be returned with no effort and inventory is adjusted accordingly. Reporting on purchasing is extensive and purchasing data may be directly exported to the OLAP component. OLAP or Online Analytical Processing offers unlimited options for equipment failure data analysis and reporting.