equipment failure tracking

equipment down time chart

Equipment Failure Tracking - Equipment Failure analysis

Equipment failure tracking is a major part of MaintSmart CMMS software. Down time (unexpected equipment failure) is logged into the CMMS. Failure causes are created as needed by the user and are specific to your maintenance operation. A remedial work order may be created automatically that corresponds to the down time instance. Equipment failures are tracked by filtering and grouping down time data into data sets of your choosing. As with all data in this CMMS system exporting the data to Excel is only two button-clicks.

These analysis scenarios are flexible and result in a report if needed. The report formats could be: Excel, Adobe Acrobat, MS Word, Web Page and other CMMS data export formats. Additional tools that use the equipment failure tracking component are: OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and Reliability Analysis.

As with most screen in MaintSmart CMMS software the equipment down time data may be directly exported to the OLAP component. OLAP or Online Analytical Processing offers unlimited options for equipment failure data analysis and reporting. This CMMS system offers analysis tool to help guide the maintenance manager in locating and correcting problems with equipment.